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Enterprise SEO is interpreted by different people even within the industry so can understand that it can be confusing. While many will simply classify it as search engine optimization for a large scale website, for us it means more than just that. A typical SEO engagement is focused on 3 key things:

    1)  How do you ensure that the site is easy find and index by the search engines,

    2)  building content that addresses what customers are looking for

    3)  and lastly building the credibility of the site through third party validation.

But we understand when working with large organisations particularly multinationals there's another key variable that needs to be property optimised, namely stakeholders. Rarely can work get done by liaising with a single stakeholder for a large organisation or a large scale SEO programme. These stakeholders that often extend beyond the marketing team have conflicting priorities and we understand that we need to work with them closely to ensure that SEO maintains its visibility and importance within the organisation. This expertise in stakeholder management comes purely from experience. Our team of seasoned professionals, most with over 10 years of experience have not only extensive knowledge working with large corporates but also experience as in-house digital marketers which means we have unique operational empathy. In fact the reason the Area Ten was developed in the first place was out of frustration for how Jeremy Tang the founder was serviced by several global brand name digital agencies when he was in-house head of Search for one of Australia's largest corporations.

What is Enterprise SEO Strategy?

We get this question a lot and the funny thing is that it's not really strategy that differentiates and Enterprise SEO programme. It's all about execution or rather helping to manage the client resources needed to execute. It's relatively straightforward to get the insights into what needed to be done which is what standard SEO consulting is about, but getting it done is another, arguably more complicated challenge. The lack of empathy or rather understanding of this multiple stakeholder dynamic is what frustrated the progress of the SEO programme when Jeremy was in his role and became the brainchild of Area Ten. We see this issue consistently hinder the progress of not just SEO but other digital marketing initiatives.

As an extension to the stakeholder optimisation component there's also the reality that enterprise SEO needs to fit into other digital marketing initiatives such as Paid Search, Performance Social Media, Display, CRO, Email etc. Given spends tend to be higher at the enterprise level it's critical to also understand how SEO can fit in with these other channels both in terms of how they can feed data into the other marketing channels but also how data from these other channels can be leveraged to make the enterprise SEO programme better. As a full funnel agency Area Ten understands intimately how the channels can work together and be leveraged to deliver a better outcome than the traditional siloed approach. It doesn't require us to manage these other channels as we know what data we need for SEO and we also know what data will be useful for other parties from our programme.

What about Enterprise SEO Platforms?

Given this perspective, it's also important not to confuse enterprise SEO with an enterprise SEO platform. These systems focus on providing automated insights on areas that need to be addressed. This can be helpful but the challenge is:

    1)  How do you work out which of the gaps the organisation should try to address first factoring in not only what will deliver the best SEO outcome but also what can the organisation feasibly execute given systems and resource constraints as well as conflicting priorities?

    2)  How do you work with internal stakeholders to clearly show why appropriate budget and resource allocations to the enterprise SEO programme will yield a positive ROI for the organisation relative to other investments they are making?

    3)  Once resourcing and budgets have been approved how do you then get the appropriate stakeholders to execute this in a timely and co-ordinated fashion?

Software doesn't do this. This is what we do on a regular basis, on top of delivering a technically effective SEO programme of work built on robust insights that we constantly prioritise because SEO should never work in a bubble.

Choosing an Enterprise SEO Agency

When reviewing a potential enterprise SEO partner the simple way to assess them is to ask what specific enterprises did they service and what they did for them. If a large portion of their clients aren't brands you personally recognise then it's unlikely they have the enterprise level SEO experience that can be leveraged to:

    1)  Execute on the enterprise SEO strategy by effectively co-ordinating and convincing the necessary stakeholders beyond the What needs to be done but also the Why.

    2)  Leverage the spends across all channels to enhance ROI not just for SEO but for the other channels. This requires an intimate knowledge of these channels to provide true insights.

If you'd like to know more, chat with us about how we can structure a highly targeted programme that can start showing results in 6 weeks not 6-12 months through effective prioritisation and identification of SEO quick wins. We don’t prescribe to big bang approaches, instead start modest, earn trust and help your business make more money online like we've done for enterprise clients globally.

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